About Us!

How We Started?

Contrary to the site domain name, we’re not a machine translation group. We’re Steambun Translation Group [Previously known as Creative Potato, and we questioned our food choice. So now, Steambun].

We’re an actual translation group – it’s just that some of us are also really passionate coders who wanted to attempt machine translation. So we tried to do machine translation on some of our favourite novels that no one pickup. That’s why we bought mtllightnovel.com in the first place.

Then we realized. Meh. We liked translation more. Machine translation hobby comes later.

Hence this domain name.

So for now, we’ll be slowly migrating to steambunlightnovel.com. Not yet, but soon.

Who are we?

We’re translators/part-timers who genuinely enjoys translating some light novel. So we just tried starting off with some basic novels.

Nothing too fancy.

But we do want to provide as many quality translations of quality novels as we can to our readers!

For Translators & Editors

We’re a few friends who were in a few translator groups and saw quite some discrepancy or mismanagement. We believe in getting paid for our hobbies. Some of us were paid at a charity rate of USD2.5/hour – so we thought we might as well start some fan translations on our own.

Hence, we just joined force and started this group with what we want:

  1. Transparency in pay
  2. Flat rate for each chapter
  3. Profit-sharing model for long-term partners
  4. Monthly payout

If you’re an editor/translator, feel free to pm us. We’re hiring if we’re a good fit.